HQP-1151 Playout Server

HQP-1151 playout server is a high-performance Server with in HQP 1000 series and suitable for HQP-BPlayer Pro version. HQP-1151 uses 1U rack-mount chassis with built-in 4 high speed cooling fans to prevent overheat problem. 
This model is for standard TV station broadcast use such as government-owned TV stations or average TV stations that are professional TV stations .

The advantages of HQP-1151 Playout Server:
1. High performance.
2. High reliability.
3. Easily construct.
4. Flexible configuration.


  • Built-in HQP-VLib used for video database management.
  • Built-in HQP-IEditor for remote editing playlist.
  • Use In-point and Out-point to separate video into several parts without re-render it.
  • Provide VTrim tool to real time preview and edit in-point and out-point.
  • Live signal and video files can be scheduled in a playlist.
  • Seamless switch between Live and video file Live signal and video files can be switched using GPI Trigger Signal.
  • Support both loop playlist and 24-hour daily playlist.
    • Pre-schedule the playlist playing date
    • Supports 3 overlay logos
    • Supports 3 kinds of text (crawl text, program title, and subtitle).
    • Supports dynamic editing when on-air.
    • As-run Log files to record play time and system log.


    • Support all functions of HQP-BPlayer standard version.
    • Support Mainconcept Codec
    • Accept MXF video files
    • Video-Logging function allows recording audio, video, and metadata as WMV file.
    • Support Cue-Tone signal auto detection.
    • Support Cue-Tone signal generating.Pre-schedule the playlist playing date.

Single Channel Broadcast Playout Server

HQP-1151 Playout Server combined with our playout software, HQP-BPlayer, it can create single channel broadcast system. HQP-1151 is suitable with HQP-BPlayer Standard and Professional. The features of HQP-1151 Playout Server as below:

Input/Output Interface

  • HDMI
  • Composite / component (audio : balanced/unbalanced)
    Note: Depend on video card

Supported Video File Formats

  • Format : MPG, AVI, WMV, ASF, and MXF* (*PRO and ULT version only)
  • Duration : Minimum 5 seconds.
  • Resolutions 240p~1080p.
  • Maximum Bitrate : 50Mbps.

Video Router Support

  • Blackmagic
  • AJA
  • Evertz

Multi-Channel Broadcast Playout Server

Features are the same with Single Channel Broadcast System
Support 2-4 Multi-channel


1U 19" Rack-mount Server

Data HDD Capacity


Display Interface



2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports

USB Interface

2 USB2.0 Front + 5 USB 2.0 Rear

Internal Power

350W Power supply

External Power



Height 43 mm / Width 437 mm / Depth 594 mm

Net Weight

13.8 kg

Video Interface


Note: The hardware specs might vary according to the availibility.